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Everything you need to know about this Offer.

  • This offer allow you to get PLR (Private label rights) license to all our previous My Video Pal product series including all of its first OTO. You will get PLR license to,
    • My Video Pal V.1
    • My Video Pal V.1 first upsell.
    • My Video Pal V.2
    • My Video Pal V.2 first upsell.
    • My Video Pal V.3
    • My Video Pal V.3 first upsell. (Excluding My Character Video offer)
  • This is a non transferable PLR license, you cannot transfer this PLR license to another individual or to another entity.
  • PLR license allow you to resell these contents to your customers or to the world large subject to the following specific terms & conditions listed below.

The PLR license is applicable only to the following product,

* All the PowerPoint animated slides and PowerPoint video templates. All the other modules such as the graphics, music tracks or non PowerPoint animated slides and PowerPoint video templates are excluded from this PLR license offer.

* Due to license restriction you cannot distribute the music and the motion backgrounds used in the PowerPoint video templates. They can only be used for your personal or commercial nature project.

PLR License Terms & Conditions

The PowerPoint animated slides, templates and other video assets are referred as “contents” below.

* You CAN resell the contents to your customers. Your customers will receive personal use license. (You customer can use the contents in their personal or commercial nature project)
* You CAN use these contents as a bonus for product that you are selling. (Minimum selling price of $20)
* You CAN add, mix and match these contents with other product and resell it. (Minimum selling price $20)
* You CAN sell the contents individually or as a package.
* You CAN rebrand the product.
* You CANNOT add this product to a paid membership site.
* You CANNOT add this product to a free membership site.
* You CANNOT give away this product for free.
* You CANNOT use this product as an affiliate bonus.
* You CANNOT resell or distribute these contents to an auction site such as eBay.

Get PLR License to all the My Video Pal series plus all of its OTOs Now!

Stock Footage Monster OTO 3